Elektro Mathematrix



24 August 2016
salles ciné France
Paris / France
11 June 2016
(3pm, Festival Dance Camera West, The Past, Present & Future of Hip Hop, MOCA's Ahmanson Auditorium, Downtown LA)
Museum of Contemporary Arts
Los Angeles / Etats-Unis
26 August 2015
(30 rue St Roch à 14h)
angoulême / France

Elektro Mathematrix, the latest feature film by Blanca Li will be coming out in French Movie Houses on August 24th 2016

Unifrance's page on the film 

Elektro Mathematrix is an urban musical. Funny, sensitive, and without any dialogue, this entirely choreographed film offers a positive vision of everyday life in a high school, the life of young creative and funny people, humorously paying with their friendships, rivalries, worries, and hopes.

 It is adapted from the Elektro Kif stage show choreographed by Blanca Li, which has extensively toured around the world with its troupe of self taught, hyperactive, and enthusiastic young electro dancers.

Blanca Li created Elektro Kif in 2010, immersing herself in the universe of teenagers just graduating from high school, who had designed their own codes, their own cultural references, practicing a new dance style they had created themselves. Electro Dance carries all the freshness, the energy and grace of these young pioneers.

Electro Mathematrix follows a group of technical high school students into a full day at school. Every period, whether class, meals, recess, exams, workshop or sports, leads them into wild choreography. The director chose to make a film without words so all its content is conveyed by gestures, music and attitudes. For the dancers as for Blanca Li, movement is the truest and most natural way to express oneself.

Tao Gutierrez, a talented music composer, has mixed techno, house, afrobeat and classical music for the original score. The result is a tongue in cheek, fresh and enriching complement to the images.

Through this film, Blanca Li delivers her point of view of electro dancers: passionate and creative youngsters, acting with a sense of humor their friendships, rivalries, concerns and expectations.

photo by Magali Bragard


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