Blanca Li has been elected as permanent member of the new choreography section of the French Académie des Beaux Arts in April 2019. Her ceremony is here
She is the artistic director of Los Teatros del Canal in Madrid since November 2019.

On tour this season...

Le Bal de Paris, (2020, National Theatre of Chaillot) an immersive live performance sublimated by 35 minutes in virtual reality. It won the Lion for Best VR experience at Venice International Film Festival in Sept 2021. After a sold out run at Chaillot in Paris, we will run the show at Palace in Paris, to buy tickets follow this link
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Elektrik (2018, Suresnes Cité Danse Festival) Blanca Li's latest creation for 8 electro dance virtuosos

Solstice (2017, National Theatre of Chaillot): 14 dancers and a percussionnist on stage to express the beauty, the force and the vulnerability of Nature



Blanca Li is a choreographer, dancer, filmmaker and director of interactive exhibitions. Whether performance, opera, music video or feature film, she initiates and realises a great number of projects: "I like to give life to all that’s in my brain".

Never restricted to one style, she gets her inspiration from a broad spectrum of physical forms of expression (from flamenco to classical ballet and hip-hop).

With Blanca Li, everything begins and ends in the energy of movement and dance.

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Le Bal de Paris de Blanca Li

Le Bal de Paris de Blanca Li / 2020

An immersive live performance sublimated by 35 minutes in virtual reality. 


Solstice / 2017

Création à Chaillot en septembre 2017 avec 14 danseurs et un musicien (plus d'informations sur les interprètes ici).
Mise en scène et chorégraphie Blanca Li
Musique Tao Gutierrez
Scénographie, dramaturgie Pierre Attrait
Vidéo Charles Carcopino
Lumières Cathy Olive
Costumes Laurent Mercier

Production et Diffusion Chaillot - Théâtre National de la Danse


Elektrik / 2017


Pulcinella / 2020

Pulcinella, Ballet para el ballet nacional de españa con 27 bailarines (7 solistas)
Coreografía : Blanca Li
Luces y vestuario : Blanca Li

El Quijote del plata

El Quijote del plata / 2018

Elektro Mathematrix

Elektro Mathematrix / 2016

Elektro Mathematrix, the latest feature film by Blanca Li will be coming out in French Movie Houses on August 24th 2016

Unifrance's page on the film