Goddesses & Demonesses, the new creation by choreographer Blanca Li for the Theatre des Champs-Elysées, had its world premiere in Paris on December 22nd 2015 and features on stage Bolshoi Ballet principal dancer Maria Alexandrova together with Blanca Li.

Blanca Li welcomes on stage this beautiful principal dancer from the Bolshoi Ballet, who is featured for the first time in a French creation. Maria Alexandrova and Blanca Li have worked together between Paris and Moscow since October 2015 and have journeyed through the key moments of the buildup of this piece, who embody the feminine universal creative power from the classical and primitive mythologies and expressed with their very distinctive talent.

After twelve performances at Theatre des Champs-Elysées , Goddesses & Demonesses is touring in France, New York and Spain.




Blanca Li is a choreographer, dancer, filmmaker and director of interactive exhibitions. Whether performance, opera, music video or feature film, she initiates and realises a great number of projects: "I like to give life to all that’s in my brain".

Never restricted to one style, she gets her inspiration from a broad spectrum of physical forms of expression (from flamenco to classical ballet and hip-hop).

With Blanca Li, everything begins and ends in the energy of movement and dance.

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Elektro Mathematrix

Elektro Mathematrix / 2016

Elektro Mathematrix, the latest feature film by Blanca Li will be coming out in French Movie Houses on August 24th 2016

Unifrance's page on the film 

C'est Rouge

C'est Rouge / 2016

Enter a fantasyland of beauty, mystery and desire designed by Blanca Li. Fridays and Saturdays at Faena Theater.

Old Navy Denim Honor Roll skaters

Old Navy Denim Honor Roll skaters / 2016

Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 campaign

Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 campaign / 2016

Christian Louboutin- La Répétition

Christian Louboutin- La Répétition / 2016

Blanca Li revisite "Chorus Line" en réalisant et interprétant un court métrage imaginé pour la dernière collection de Christian Louboutin

Read my lips

Read my lips / 2016

H&M "happy and merry" 2015 with Katy Perry

H&M "happy and merry" 2015 with Katy Perry / 2015

Pour la campagne de Noël de H&M avec Katy Perry , le film réalisé par Jonas Akerlund et chorégraphié par Blanca Li

Coldplay True Love

Coldplay True Love / 2014

Feathers by John Nollet

Feathers by John Nollet / 2014