Poète à New York

Poète à New York


18 February 2010
(Du 18 au 28 février)
Teatros del Canal
Madrid / Espagne
15 July 2008
(Du 15 juillet au 2 août)
Théâtre Verdure du Generalife
Grenade / Espagne
07 May 2008
(Du 7 au 17 mai.)
Théâtre National de Chaillot
Paris / France
19 July 2007
(Du 19 juillet au 31 août)
Théâtre de Verdure du Generalife
Grenade / Espagne

Show for 21 dancers, 2 singers, 8 musicians
Created in July 2007 in Granada (Spain), Alhambra Gardens
Duration time: 90 mn

Poeta en New York is created in July 2007 in Granada (Spain), Alhambra Gardens.
Blanca Li has received the Premio Max award in Spain for best choreography (equal to the "Tony awards" in USA or "Moliere" prizes in France).

Choregraphy and direction: Blanca Li
Original Music and Music direction: Tao Gutiérrez
Dramaturgy: Blanca Li, Pierre Attrait & Tao Gutiérrez - Set: Pierre Attrait - Lights: Jacques Chatelet - Video: Charles Carcopino - Costumes: Paco Delgado

Solo Dancers: Blanca Li & Andrés Marín
Singers: Carmen Linares or Encarnita Anillo & Rob-Li
Poems recited by: Javier Viana
Dancers: Vanesa Aibar, Salim Begayoko, Javier Cobo, Aurora María Colmenero, Juan Pedro Delgado, Jean-Gerald Dorseuil, María Fernández, Steve Guimaraes, Ahmed Karetti, Stephane Lavallée, Ana Maciá, José Maldonado, Yana Maltseva Le Gac, Sergio Moya, Pascale Peladan, Pedro Ramírez, Ozy Shyne, Tony, Deborah Torres
Musicians: Saxophone & flute: Rafael Águila - Bass: Pablo Báez - Clavier: Gherardo Catanzaro - Guitar: Salvador Gutiérrez - Percussions: Tao Gutiérrez & Javier Viana - Violoncello: Nicasio Moreno - Guitar: David Tabares

With the participation of Empresa Publica de Gestion de Programas Culturales, Consejeria de Cultura, Junta de Andalucia Special thanks to: Marcadé, Aquatic Show, Studio de la MAC Créteil, Variafrance, as well as Manuel Fernández Montesinos García (inheritants of F.G. Lorca).

Poeta en Nueva York is inspired by Federico García Lorca’s poems and experience in New York from 1929 to 1930. He is confronted to a very different environment from his native Andalucia. It will be a decisive turn in his writing style. A group of twenty dancers, the solist dancers Andrés Marín and Blanca Li, singing by Carmen Linares or Encarnita Anillo, and by Rob-Li, and an original music by Tao Gutiérrez give life to the interior world of Lorca, his images and words, between jazz and flamenco... Around 60 000 people discovered the show during a series of representations at the International Festival of Granada.

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