Joakim Samurai

Joakim Samurai / 2017

Elektro Mathematrix

Elektro Mathematrix / 2016

Elektro Mathematrix, the latest feature film by Blanca Li will be coming out in French Movie Houses on August 24th 2016

Unifrance's page on the film 

Christian Louboutin- La Répétition

Christian Louboutin- La Répétition / 2016

Blanca Li revisite "Chorus Line" en réalisant et interprétant un court métrage imaginé pour la dernière collection de Christian Louboutin

Feathers by John Nollet

Feathers by John Nollet / 2014

Old Navy, Spice up your summer

Old Navy, Spice up your summer / 2017

Old Navy Denim Honor Roll skaters

Old Navy Denim Honor Roll skaters / 2016

Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 campaign

Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 campaign / 2016

Coldplay True Love

Coldplay True Love / 2014

 Beyonce Mrs Carter O2 ad

Beyonce Mrs Carter O2 ad / 2013

O2 Priority Ad for Beyonce Mrs Carter's world tour

director's cut by Jonas Akerlund
choreographed by Blanca Li

H&M "happy and merry" 2015 with Katy Perry

H&M "happy and merry" 2015 with Katy Perry / 2015

Pour la campagne de Noël de H&M avec Katy Perry , le film réalisé par Jonas Akerlund et chorégraphié par Blanca Li

Beyonce H&M summer campaign

Beyonce H&M summer campaign / 2013

Beyonce as Mrs Carter for H&M summer collection, commercial choreographed  by Blanca Li and directed by Jonas Akerlund.

Blanca Li 360

Blanca Li 360 / 2015

Designed for a full 360 degrees virtual reality experience, Blanca Li's film combines dance, cinema and new technologies to deliver a new viewing sensation much closer to the bodies of dancers.

Robot film - director's cut

Robot film - director's cut / 2015

World Premiere at Dance On Camera 2015

co-presented by Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center

at Francesca Beale Theater, Lincoln Center, New York
followed by Q&A with Blanca Li
Screening: Monday February 2 at 8:30 pm
Purchase Tickets:
More Info:

Longchamp, Oh my bike!

Longchamp, Oh my bike! / 2012

3rd ad campaign for Longchamp realised by Blanca Li on the theme : "the Creative Movement"

Longchamp Oh my dog!

Longchamp Oh my dog! / 2012

Advertisement for Longchamp by Blanca Li in New York for the advertising campaign "The Creative Movement"

Longchamp Oh my bag !

Longchamp Oh my bag ! / 2012

Advertisement for Longchamp realised by Blanca Li in the context of Longchamp's new brand concept : "the Creative Movement".

Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico

Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico / 2011

An advertisement for the perfume Kokorico, choreographed by Blanca Li and realised by JB Mondino,

... with Blanca Li's voice !

Read my lips

Read my lips / 2016

Target Peter Pilotto

Target Peter Pilotto / 2014


Kookai / 2013


Target / 2013

Kenzo parfum Nuit

Kenzo parfum Nuit / 2013

L'Ecume des Jours

L'Ecume des Jours / 2013

"L’Écume des Jours", directed by Michel Gondry. Adapted from the litterature masterpiece by Boris Vian.
Choreographies by Blanca Li

Los Amantes pasajeros

Los Amantes pasajeros / 2013

Los Amantes pasajeros, (I'm so excited) a comedy written and directed by Pedro Amodovar

Choreography by Blanca Li

Givenchy Liv Tyler

Givenchy Liv Tyler / 2012

Bourjois vernis

Bourjois vernis / 2012


Bourjois / 2012

Jeremy Hills Let The Love in

Jeremy Hills Let The Love in / 2011

Video clip realised by Blanca Li.
With Paula Ajala King and the dansers from "Elektro Kif".

Festival Danse & Cinéma

Festival Danse & Cinéma / 2010

A festival initiated and organized by Blanca Li, as part of her activities as associated artist of the National Choreographic Centre of Creteil and Val-de-Marne/Cie Käfig

Pas à Pas

Pas à Pas / 2009

"Step by step"
Blanca Li