Elektro Kif Dancers

Elektro Kif was created in december, 2010 (National Choreographic Center of Créteil).
The Elektro Kif Company N°1 groups some of the pioneers of the electro dance movement.
The show was a great succes, so we decided to create a Elektro Kif Company N°2, composed of younger dancers who took the show over since January, 2012.


Elektro Kif Company N°2 (reprise of the show) :

Kevin Bago, aka SIREZ
Aged 23, Kevin started electro dance 5 years ago. He has been working on creating his own style. He has been working since his begins with the Alliance Crew, a group of electro dancers famous for their flexibility and creativity. When he was 19, he started learning dance and collaborated with Alain Gruttadauria, the Vanessa Darras Company, Kamel Ouali, Kfog, Tokyo and Gilles Roman. Kevin is a hip-hop dancer too: as a mamber of the Misfits, he got the 3rd prize at the choreographed hip-hop wolrd Championship in 2011. He is a member of the Blanca Li Company since 2012.

Mamadou Bathily, aka BATS
Mamadou Bathily is 21 years old and taught himself how to dance by watching videos on the internet. He has been practising electro dance since 2007 and bone break since 2009. Mamadou won several prizes: he won the battle Ghetto Land in 2012, was finalist of the World Championship of electro dance in 2011 and Number two World Champion in 2012, and one of his shows was rewarded as the best show of France in 2009. Mamadou gives dance lessons in Belarus and Russia.

Jérôme Fidelin, aka GOKU
Aged 20, Goku has always been a music and dance addict. He took part to the 1st Vertifight championship (he was sacred France Champion in 2010) and to all the others since then in "5 vs 5". He got famous thanks to a great battle filmed and put online. After that video, Goku started traveling the world, invited to give dance lessons and to be member of jury for championships. He strated hip-hop and house dance one year ago. He is part of the Blanca Li Company since December 2011.

Romain Guillermic, aka SKIPS
Romain discovered electro dance in 2007. In 2009, he became a member of the group "la RythmiK". With his crew, he wins the France Championship in 2008 and the "Best choreographic show" with the "Electro Street" team in 2009. During two years, he takes part to various battles and other choreographic shows in France. In 2011, he becomes a member of the Blanca Li Company.

Théophile Landji, aka KAZIX
Théophile Landji is a member of the Aliance Crew. He took part in several competitions and was rewarded several times: 3rd best five dancers show at the French Championship Vertifight 2010, France Champion (Vertifight 2012), World Champion (Vertifight 2012, in Italie). His duo with the dancer Phil was named best duo of electro dance.

Adrien Larrazet, aka VEXUS
Adrien "VEXUS" Larrazet started dancing at Martine Mocoeur's school, and then went on improving in a school nammed Harmonic. At the end of his program, he joined JP Chandler's Company and the crew C-OIM. As a versatile dancer, he discovers electro dance and dances with groups such as Electro Addict and Artifice Style. He then joined Blanca Li's dance company to perform in Elektro Kif.

Lenny Louves, aka STARSKY
Lenny Louves was born in 1993. He has been an electro dancer for five years and a hip-hop Newstyle dancer for two years. In 2010, he won the France Championship Vertifight 2010 with his electro crew. He has been dancing for singers (Metronomy in 2012), in dance festivals and for a French TV show. He joined Blanca Li's Company in 2012.

Ismaila Ndiaye , aka ISMA
Ismaila Ndiaye is 20 years old and started learning electro dance five years ago. He won the French Championship of electro dance for teams (Vertifight, 2010) and also performed for artists (Metronomy, 2012) and French TV shows (You Can Dance, 2012). Ismaila dances for Blanca Li since December, 2011.

Florian Vandenaweele, aka Phil
Phil has always been interested in dance. He discovered electro dance in 2006 and started dancing in shows and battles with crews as "Plein Tarif", "Alliance Crew", "Elite Def Jam". Phil was France Champion with a team in 2011 and world champion in 2012. He won the Vertifight Kingz International contest in 2012 with Kazix. In 2012, he became a member of our Company.

Elektro Kif Company N°1 (creation of the show) :

Khaled Abdulahi
, aka CERIZZ
Khaled Abdulahi Idriss (aka Cerizz) has always had a real passion for dance and more specifically for choreography. His models are Wade Robson and Dave Scott but his idol is Michael Jackson. Since February 2007 he has specialised in electro dance and created the group RythmiK in the same year. Cerizz has created his own style drawing his inspiration from dancers like Mamson (whose crews are Wanted Posse and Serial Stepperz) and Bboy Cloud (whose crew is Skill Methodz). Since 2008, he has worked with various bands, participated in TV shows, video clips and won several prizes: France championship Vertifight 2008, France championship Vertifight 2009 (best electro dance show), World championship 2010 Vertifight. In 2009 he met Blanca Li during the shooting of the Noche en Blanco in Madrid and she offered him the opportunity to live and share his passion through the project Elektro Kif.

Jeremy Alberge
, aka JEREM
Jeremy Alberge was born in 1992 and became a real dance addict when he discovered electro dance in 2007. At the beginning he was only interested in electro dance but he opened his mind to contemporary dance and classical ballet in 2009. He won the French championship of electro dance in 2009 (organized by Vertifight), taught dance masterclasses, was a member of the jury during dance events in Moscow, Montreal, Paris, La Rochelle, Milan, Saint-Petersbourg, Turin and Kiev. In 2010 he also danced in a commercial for Orange Rockcorps. Jeremy really appreciates the mixing of different types of dance styles and is working on this aspect in his training courses specialising in classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. Today he is convinced that electro culture has a real place on stage thanks to Blanca Li who has proved to dancers and the media its real value.

Arnaud Bacharach
, aka NINO
Arnaud Bacharach was born in 1992 in Béziers, in the south of France. He arrived in Paris in 1999 and started dance classes at his school in 2001. When he moved to Bobigny, a suburb next to Paris, he enrolled in the Bobigny Academy in order to perform in classical ballet, contemporary dance and jazz. In 2007 he discovered electro dance in a club and decided to learn this new type of body language. That’s how he met with other electro dancers and joined different dance crews that offered him the opportunity to participate in dance battles (world championship and championship of France in 2010). In September 2010 he joined Blanca Li’s dance company to perform in Elektro Kif.

Roger Bepet, 
Roger Bepet was born in 1990. He started a football career but his passion for dance rapidly emerged when he was an teenager because it was the only way he found to express himself and develop his creativity. He then joined a dance crew called Mafia Electro and participated to the first Word Electro Dance Championship in 2010. Today he is a member of the crew Alliance Crew and has participated in various contests and TV shows. His first objective is to train a lot, reach a professional level and become famous in order to live off his passion. As one of the members of Blanca Li’s company he hopes to travel all around the world in order to share his passion and his determination with the widest audience.

William Falla,
William Falla (aka Treaxy) is the fashion icon of the brand Tecktonik 2007 and one of the pioneers of the electro dance movement. Treaxy’s career includes appearing in videos for French singers such as Yelle and Lorie, TV shows (Feel the Hardrock, CNN News, Star Academy), leading dance master classes and performing internationally through the development of electro culture. After a 3 years tour, he joined Blanca Li’s company for the creation of Elektro Kif in 2010.

Slate Hemedi, 
Slate Hemedi was born in Paris in 1988. At the age of three, he had his first contact with dance when he saw a video of James Brown and loved it immediately. But it’s only at the age of 17 that he had the idea to form his own dance crew with talented dancers who shared his passion. Today his artistic name is “Crazy” and he is the leader of Alliance, a group of electro dancers whose characteristics are suppleness and creativity. Crazy has won a lot of battles, travelled internationally for TV shows, videos and commercials. Today, Crazy’s objective is to improve electro dance style in order to convert it in a respected one like hip-hop or classical ballet. He has been dancing in Elektro Kif since September 2010.

Alou Sidibe,
 aka KYRRA
Alou Sidibe (aka Kyrra) is an electro dancer who has started dancing four years ago when the electro dance movement first appeared. Since 2007, he has been mainly performing in battles, especially in Vertifight. He has won several prizes including “best electro French show 2009” and several contests: the Vertifight kingz 4 2010 (opposing 2 groups of 2 electro dancers in a battle) and the Vertifight World Electro Dance Championship 2011. He has also danced for the French TV reality show NRJ12 model generation in 2008. Since 2010, he has been dancing in Blanca Li’s Elektro Kif. His main influences are the hip-hop dancer Dedson of the dance crew Wanted Posse for his floor work, the dancer BBoy Cloud of the dance crew Skill Methode for his grace and the dancer Mike Song for his technical approach. In order to be an all-round artist and to be able to express himself in the most complete way, Kyrra also takes hip-hop and modern dance classes.

Adrien Sissoko, 
Adrien’s nickname is Fiasco and he has been an electro dancer for four years. He has been an active member of the dance crew Electro Street since 2008 and won several prizes: qualifiying for the first edition of the French championship “crew vs crew” in June 2008, “best choreographic show of France 2009”, World Champion of the battle 5 vs 5, Vertifight 2010. From July 2008 to April 2009 Adrien has led dance master classes for different non-profit organisations helping children. In December 2009, he was invited to the international tournament Express Yourself. In 2010, he participated in several tours around France, TV shows and a video clip produced by Blanca Li (“Let the Love In” by Jeremy Hills). He has been dancing in Elektro Kif since September 2010.